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I'm Emily and my dream is to be a children's book writer and illustrator.

I do show my art on here but I also show a lot of Rise of the Guardians, Lotr, Sherlock, Game of Thrones, other Disney and DreamWorks etc on here too. I also write some fanfiction which is in the link below.


(The above one is Rotg and features some artwork I've done as well)




Oh bless Jamie trying to support Jack by his arm and when North claps him to the floor, Jamie immediately goes to grab him

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God, it physically hurts me to watch him look oddly at Jamie, confusion and then his fucking eyebrows go up and he looks so distressed and shocked.

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Hush, hush, hush here comes the Boogeyman.

What are you creeping away, Pitch?

Hush, hush, hush here comes the Boogeyman.

What are you creeping away, Pitch?

Desperate Jack

Desperate Jack

This is utterly adorable; look how he’s perched and how concerned he looks

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since tomorrow is the anniversary of when rise of the guardians was released i believe i am 318% justified in bringing this back

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How to Scramble Eggs with Gordon Ramsay

1. he seems like a chill mofo to hang with

2. what the hell have i been eating my entire life

I always made the eggs in the microwave and when it had big chunks of it….I never knew I cooked it wrong!!

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Why do people always stick with BookBunny in roleplay or fanfictions? Why never the film where he’s just a rabbit, especially when it comes to him being with Jack. What, you afraid to show bestiality? Interspecies sex is somewhat alike when its an alien and human boy anyway. Maybe it’s because…

idk where you’ve been looking but that is MOST if not all of every jackrabbit fanfic on AO3 and Fanfictionnet, idk about the roleplays but what you described is all over the place lol 

Where they’ve classed Bunny as an actual rabbit and not a pooka??? I swear I’ve seen one or two lol but that’s it, tell me your secret.

Bunny INS’T an actual rabbit, he’s a pooka. Your right I’ve never (I think) seen a fic where he’s classed as just a rabbit. He’s an interstellar rabbit, I don’t really think he could be anything else (except the occasional human form). He’s like some sorta mega rabbit lol yea he does all the normal rabbit things, but better lol which to me is better. The film obviously never explains what he or really any of them were or are. A lot of people think/assume they were created the same way Jack was, but I personally like using the book vers to explain movie vers. Book says Bunny is a pooka, so movie Bunny is a pooka. 

Its been stated that the film is a separate thing to the book, obviously they couldn’t squeeze in everything into the film and Joyce left, I think half way through it. And it was said he’s just a rabbit, a giant one that talks but a rabbit lol, so no pooka in the film :(

that is all very true, and I know a lot of fans use a completely different canon for the movie, simply because its been stated by dreamworks that the flim is separate. I personally disagree, as do I think many other people, which is why you get so many pookaBunnies and not actaul rabbit Bunnies. I also think you hit the nail on the head, actaul rabbit Bunny isn’t as interesting a pookaBunny.